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If you have a question you would like answered, please feel free to email me, and I'll try my best to answer it.

Q:What is Scott's real last name, Taylor or Garland?
A:It seems that his real last name is Garland. Taylor is the name he went under for many years in the WWF. In interviews though, he has referred to himself as 'Scott Garland'

Q:Is Brian really the son of Jerry 'the king' Lawler?
A:Yes Brian is the son of the Memphis Legend. He went under Brian Christopher when he started wrestling so that he could make a name for himself, rather than be known as the son of Jerry.

Q:Is Scott married?
A: Yes, Scott is married. He is married to Terri, she works as a nurse. They have been married for a while.

Q:Does he have any children?
A: I am not sure if he has any children. Their have been rumours floating around the web, but I wouldn't rely on it, they are only rumours. I respect their privacy and regard stuff like this as their business only.

Q:How long has he been wreslting for?
A: To be a professional wrestler has been a dream for him since he was a boy. At a young age he wrote to the federation asking where they picked the majority of their wrestlers from. He debut at the age of 16, and gained a lot of indy experience. He worked in placed such as NEWA and USWA for a while. He joined a contract with the WWF in 1991, and a contract as a full time performer in 1997. He hopes to retire in ten years.

Q:Are Brian and him friends in real life?
A: Well I presume they are. They have been a tag team for a while now, i think they get along well. They don't travel together often though, as they stated after they did it once, they hated it so much, they vowed never to do it again.

Q:Where does Scotty get his ring clothes from?
A: A lot of Too Cool's clothes come from Urban gear shops. I've seen them wear brands such as echo and lugz. Their own personal design is added after.

Q:How does Scotty feel about Brian's release?
A: Scott stated in a interview that it was too bad that Brian had to go. He said he was a very hard worker, and he hopes someday he will get a second chance.

Q:Were they really gay in 'Too Much'
A: No, they weren't meant to be gay. Their gimmick involved them being kind of like the ambiguously gay duo, always ending up in awkward postions, and for their obnxious ring behaviour. They were a good,talented team though.

Q:Where do they learn to do their dance moves?
A: Well actually Brian and Rikishi use to come up with a lot of the dance moves. They also had a choreographer that they worked with sometimes. Scott actually says that he can't dance, and the other two were the real dancers of the group. But contrary to his beliefs, I think he is a great dancer!

Q:Where can I buy Too Cool merchandise from?
A: A lot of merchandise can be brought from Also Attitude Tees and Ebay do Too Cool and Scotty t-shirts. Jakks do the action figures. Which can be found in most toy stores.

Q: Where can I buy Too Cool merchandise in Britain?
A: Ha, try that one. I find it difficult to find WWF merchandise let alone Too Cool stuff. I get a lot of my stuff from the internet, such as Ebay. I've seent he action figures in Toys R Us, Woolworths and toy stores.

Q: Why is Scotty just being made to do matches on Jakked and Heat?
A: I am not sure exactly why.I gather its because they haven't got an exact angle or storyline for him yet. I'm pretty annoyed at this. I can't see why they can't think of a storyline, he's a great character and has lots of talent.

Q:Who is some of Scotty's friends in real life?
A:Um I've heard, not for def, i've seen these names floating around: Albert, Matt and Jeff, Kane...

Q:Do Brian or Scott have any brothers or sisters?
A:From what I know Scott has one younger brother, and Brian hasn't any siblings.

If I have made a mistake in the answers, I am very sorry. I am basing the answers on what I have read. Email me if you would like to see something changed.